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  • small pumpkin

    Pumpkin (small) 1-2kg Famous winter squash.  Perfect for making your Halloween lanterns or making a delicious soup or pumpkin based recipe. The bright orange flesh…

  • Pumpkin 3kgPumpkin lantern

    Pumpkin (medium) over 3kg A famous winter squash.  These round orange squashes are associated with Halloween, but make the most delicious soup or pumpkin based…

  • Courgette on a dark wooden top at the Colcombe House Kitchen

    Courgette is one of the most popular vegetables in the squash family. Easy to cook, with a fresh light texture. Can be eaten: raw grated into…

  • 3 butternut squashButternut squash being primed ready to go into a veg box

    Butternut squash is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Grown in Portugal. It is a wonderfully versatile vegetable with a a nutty, sweet flavour. Perfectly paired…

  • £1.25 £0.79

    Our Aubergines have a distinctive colour and mild flavour. Harvested by hand and carefully grown in the rich, warm soils of Spain. Perfect for a…

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