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  • primeo danish blue cheese

    This semi-soft strong, blue-veined cheese makes a perfect addition to any cheeseboard. Made from full fat cow’s milk and homogenized cream, it has a fat…

  • £2.29

    Full fat soft cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk. Président Brie is a soft cow’s milk cheese with a mild edible rind, famously known as…

  • mature pilgrims cheddar

    Fill your life with flavour with this timeless classic. With a smooth texture and lasting flavour it is undeniably moreish. Introducing the Megablock. The same…

  • pilgrims extra mature cheddar

    Packed full of powerful flavour, our Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature is the perfect everyday cheddar for a slight crunch and a mighty, tasty punch. Introducing…

  • le rustique camenbert

    Le Rustique Camembert has a creamy texture and rich, garlicky taste. A treat for all lovers of strong-flavoured cheeses! Made from milk collected locally near…

  • alma austrian smoked cheese

    Austrian Smoked Cheese from Bavaria. Made with locally sourced bavarian milk and naturally smoked butter for that authentic taste of Austria.

  • Philadelphia original soft cheese

    Full fat soft cheese. Fresh & Creamy Taste Made with pasteurised milk No preservatives Suitable for Vegetarians

  • cotswold brie

    Size: 240g

  • Parmesan cheese on black slate with pomegranate seeds

    Authentic Parmesan Reggiano Size: 200g

  • mozzarella Cheese with salad

    Fresh buffalo mozzarella. Size: 125g

  • mozzarella Cheese balls
  • chive and horseradish

    Description Chopped chives and horseradish blended into our delicious Red cheese. Allergen Advice All of our cheeses contain cow’s milk. This cheese also contains egg…

  • Hot Chilli Cheese

    Jalapenos, chilli, cayenne and crushed garlic, carefully blended to “Kick like a mule”

  • cotswold brie

    Size: 140g

  • forest arden blue cheese

    TEXTURE: SOFT, VEINED & CREAMY Un-pressed cheese natural rind, soft, veined and creamy texture, distinct blue aroma, from mild through to ‘picante’ gorgonzola flavour, seasonal…

  • Cotswold Blue Brie, Organic, Simon Weaver

    Organic soft white moulded cheese with a Roquefort blue mould running through the centre. Texture It has a delicious creamy texture, with a fresh clean…

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