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Here you will find updates about Colcombe House Kitchen, our latest additions to the CHK pantry and a selection of recipes and useful culinary information for you and your family.

courgette gratin

Recipe: Courgette Gratin

This deliciously simple courgette gratin makes a great mid-week meal or side dish. It’s creamy and flavoursome without being too rich. Serve with a salad for a light supper..

Serves 4

Prep time – 20 min
Total time – 30 min – 1 hour

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Mexican Black Bean Burger

Recipe: Mexican black bean burgers

Crispy and juicy black bean burgers loaded with Mexican flavour are perfect for a meatless meal. If you ever wanted a juicy plant-based burger look no further. This is one of the best Mexican black bean burger recipes! So Good!  Don’t believe us?  Try it for yourself!

Serves 6 People.

Cook time – 1hr 30mins

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Recipe: BBQ Chicken Skewers

Chicken skewers are the perfect BBQ food, this recipe is full of flavour and colour so it will be the centrepiece of your party table! 

Serves 4 People.

Prep time = 10 mins.

Cooking time = 30 mins.

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